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Call 2018 for Scientific Exchange Program Coss&Vita 2018

lundi 26 mars 2018, par samuel forest

Call 2018 for Scientific Exchange Program Coss&Vita

To assist researchers in initiating scientific collaboration between F2M and M&MOCS, the LIA Coss&Vita will fund research trips and short-term stays. The goal is for researchers to work together on a jointly defined project. M&MOCS has accommodation facilities for very accessible price (contact : Using M&MOCS facilities is highly encouraged. French laboratories have their own usual accommodation facilities.

How long does the stay last ?

The stay must last at least one week and may last up to three months or more.

Who can apply ?

In France : F2M members. In Italy : M&MOCS members.

How and when to apply ?

The applicants should provide a scientific project (no more than 2 pages) motivating the stay. The host institution, the duration and the provisional budget should be clearly stated. The French (Italian) applicant must specify the Italian (French) colleague with whom he wants to interact during the stay. The applicants should indicate how much funding they need from the LIA. This cannot exceed 4000 euros.


Proposals should be sent as pdf files until May the 11th 2018 to
How are proposals evaluated ?
Proposals are evaluated by LIA’s steering committee composed of the scientists in charge of the scientific topics of the LIA.
Note that the research topics of each proposal should be preferably among the subjects META, BIO, COMECH and NLS of the LIA. However other well-motivated topics can also be selected.

How are exchanges funded ?

The LIA will fund directly the CNRS French lab sending or welcoming the applicant. The applicant is required to provide a short scientific report or a submitted/in preparation publication at the end of the stay.