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Catania Workshop on Computational Mechanics and Applications of Generalized Continua to Materials with Microstructure 2015

Catania, 29 - 31 October, 2015

vendredi 15 mai 2015, par Samuel Forest

Catania, 29 - 31 October, 2015
Scuola Superiore di Catania
Villa San Saverio, via Valdisavoia 9 - Catania

organized in Catania by Massimo Cuomo, Giuseppe Mulone, Leopoldo Greco.

The first objective of this meeting is to bring together experts within Coss&Vita LIA in order to discuss topics of common interest and to develop jo
int research projects. This workshop is dedicated more precisely to the following projects of the LIA :
- Computational mechanics of generalized continua (COMECH)
- Non-linearity and Stability in Continuous Media (NLS)

It is also open to any subject related to applications of generalized continua or advanced materials.
The second objective of the meeting is to promote the actions of Coss&Vita LIA among fellow researchers and among master and PhD student.

Contact : Arthur Lebée (

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Final program :

Thursday 29 October 2015
9.00 Opening of the Workshop. Welcome addresses by prof. F. dell’Isola, dr. A. Lebée.
9.45 Introductory Lecture, Prof. K. Rajagopal
Mathematics and Mechanics of bodies described by implicit constitutive equations
11.15 B. Emek Abali , Wolfgang H. Muller, Francesco dell’Isola
A fundamental methodology for obtaining the weak form and the computation of strain gradient elasticity theories
11.40 Vinh Phuc Tran, Sébastien Brisard, Johann Guilleminot, Karam Sab.
Stress-gradient materials : an analytical exploration
12.30 A. Misra
Micromorphic model derived based upon granular micromechanics
15.00 F. dell’Isola, I. Giorgio, M. Pawlikowski, N. L. Rizzi
Non-linear continuum models for planar extensible beams and pantographic lattices of beams : Heuristic homogenization, experimental and numerical examples of equilibrium in large deformation
15.45 L. Greco, I. Giorgio, A. Della Corte , A. Battista
Second gradient shear energies regularization for pantographic 2 D sheets : numerical simulations
16.40 Philip Harrison, Yuri Matos and Marcos Fernández Álvarez
Comprehensive Modelling of Forming Mechanics of Engineering Fabrics Using a Mutually Constrained Pantographic Beam and Membrane Mesh
17.15 Julien Yvonnet, A. Tognevi, Guy Bonnet, M. Guerich
A filter-based computational homogenization method for problems with arbitrary scale separation.
17.40 J.-F. Ganghoffer, K. El Nady, Y. Rahali, I. Giorgio, F. Dell’Isola
Discrete homogenization methods towards second order grade continua. Application to pantographic structures
18.05 L. de Abreu Correa, R. Cottereau, C. Voivret, S. Costa d’Aguiar, E. Bongini
Wave propagation in ballasted railway tracks : a stochastic heterogeneous approach
Friday 30 October 2015
15.00 Holm Altenbach, VictorEremeyev, Konstantin Naumenko
Modeling of Solar Panels as Sandwich Structures
15.25 V. Romano, A. Majorana
Charge transport in graphene
15.50 Victor A. Eremeyev, Giuseppe Rosi , Salah Naili
On surface and interfacial anti-plane waves in solids with surface energy
16.15 Müller W.H., Liebold C.
Experiments for higher order theories
17.10 A. Grillo
Remodelling in fibre-reinforced soft biological tissues
17.35 T. Lekszycki, M. Pawlikowski, K. Barcz
Modeling of mechanical and structural evolution of biodegradable materials with microstructure
17.50 Ioannis Stefanou, Jean Sulem, Hadrien Rattez and Emmanuil Veveakis
Strain localization during rapid shearing of a saturated rock layer : Preferred instability wave length and shear band thickness under thermo-poro-mechanical couplings
18.15 R. Serpieri, F. dell’Isola, A. Della Corte, F. Trovascio, L. Rosati
Variational derivation of general finite-deformation two-phase poroelasticity
9.00 Michele Godio, Ioannis Stefanou, Karam Sab, Jean Sulem
Finite elements for micropolar models : numerical aspects and computational properties in elastoplasticity

Saturday 31 October 2015
9.25 Jarkko Niiranen, Sergei Khakalo, Viacheslav Balobanov, Antti Niemi, Bahram Hosseini, Josef Kiendl, Alessandro Reali
Isogeometric Analysis of Gradient-Elastic Thin Structures
9.50 Viacheslav Balobanov, Jarkko Niiranen, Sergei Khakalo
Isogeometric Analysis of Gradient-Elastic Rods and 2D Gradient-Elastic Dynamic Problems
10.15 Ugo Andreaus ; Francesco dell’Isola ; Ivan Giorgio ; Luca Placidi
Numerical simulations of classical problems in two-dimensional linear second gradient elasticity
11.15 M. Cuomo, L. Greco
Isogeometric multipatch analysis of continua with second gradient deformation.
11.40 Sergei Khakalo, Jarkko Niiranen, Viacheslav Balobanov
Isogeometric Static and Dynamic Analysis of Gradient-Elastic Plane Strain/Stress Problems with Applications
12.05 Matthieu Mazière
Influence of yield locus curvature on the Finite Element Lüders Band Modelling