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Crystal plasticity and micro-macro approaches, 2011

par le professeur Albrecht Bertram (ovG University Magdeburg, RFA)

vendredi 25 mars 2011, par Samuel Forest

Le professeur Albrecht Bertram de l’Université Otto von Guericke de Magdeburg a proposé un cours doctoral ouvert à tous les doctorants et chercheurs de la Fédération Francilienne de mécanique. Les cours ont eu lieu les 3, 10 et 17 mars 2011 à l’Ecole des Mines de Paris, 60 Bd Saint-Michel. Ils portaient sur


Many solids like metals and minerals consist of crystalline grains, the deformations of which determine the macroscopic behaviour. In particular, the orientations of the crystallites (crystallographic texture) induce the anisotropy on the macro-scale which is important for, e.g., metal forming applications of steel sheets. The purpose of this course is to understand these mechanisms and to explain methods to describe them with the aim to simulate forming processes.

The following topics are considered :

• plasticity and viscoplasticity of large deformations • crystal plasticity • micro-macro methods • experimental methods for the identification of the constitutive laws • applications to metal forming processes

Les supports de cours sont disponibles sur demande auprès de Samuel Forest.