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Beijing-Paris Workshop on micro and nano-mechanics (6th and 7th September 2012)

vendredi 26 novembre 2010, par Samuel Forest

Mcromechanics and nanomechanics have been considerably developed for the last ten years and are today still two very active research fields of mechanics in close connection with materials science and physics. Beijing and Paris are two metropolises where research activities on micromechanics and nanomechanics are particularly important and intensive.

The objective of this workshop was to bring two dozens of invited scientists from Beijing and two dozens of invited scientists from Paris together so as to exchange ideas, present recent research results and possibly initiate concrete collaborations in the future.
It took place at UPEMLV on September 6-7 2012. We thank the local organizers N. Auffray and Q.C. He.

Two special issues, in Acta Mechanica Sinica and Comptes-Rendus Mécanique (Académie des Sciences), respectively, have been published. They contain contributions from the Workshop. They are accessible on the webpages



This workshop bears support from the French Research Center for Science (CNRS) via the Fédération Francilienne de Mécanique (F2M), from Université Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée (UPEMLV) and from the Labex MMCD “Multi-Scale Modelling and Experimentation of Materials for Sustainable Construction”.

Program of the Worshop

Voir en ligne : http://msme.univ-mlv.fr/workshop-be...