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The F2M-msp

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mardi 30 septembre 2008, par Helena Devillers

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The teams are geographically and conceptually close. Their common research interests and expertise were the main incentives for a better coordination and cooperation of scientific but also teaching activities. Such a regional structure offers the opportunity of coordinating and improving large experimental and numerical equipments.
The Federation
F2M-msp thus contributes to strengthen the role of mechanics in science, industry and society.

The federation was created by CNRS within the existing labs, and was acknowledged also by the ministry for education. Its objectves are the following :

  • to develop and enforce new methods and scientific approaches to better master the links between processing, materials and structures. This requires a common endeavour of specialized teams of different labs to elaborate multi-scale approaches that connect the different mechanisms at work at different scales from atoms to structural components ;
  • to create a pool of powerful experimental and numerical platforms that are shared by the region’s researchers and open to external initiatives ;
  • to build up a consistent research framework in mechanics in the Paris region ; to improve and rationalize the research and high-level education provision based on a synergy of research teams and mother institutions (universities, engineering schools, CNRS) ;

This true pole of expertise in Mechanics of Materials, Structures and Processing invests in various research actions. It fosters joint projects (training periods or PhD works including co-advisors from different labs, welcoming of foreign scientists...) and cooperative work within national, European and international projects. Federative actions are undertaken with the support of the Paris region and "francilian" départements.